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College Funding Solutions

Although I’ve focused on Retirement Planning for a few years now, I’ve seen firsthand how paying for their children’s education have severely hampered parents’ ability to save and invest in their own retirement.  And the problem has only gotten worse as costs for college have continued to increase at a significant rate.

As a result, I’ve decided to take a proactive approach to this pervasive problem.  I’ve been a Certified College Advisor with College Funding Solutions (CFS) since the beginning of 2018.  Starting in 2019, I have decided to specialize in College Planning and have that aspect of financial planning be the primary focus of my financial planning activities.

About College Funding Solutions

Since 1993, College Funding Solutions, Inc. has been recognized as a national leader in assisting students and their parents prepare for college.  Over the years, College Funding Solutions, Inc. has worked with thousands of families, and devised the "true" formula for success.

We use our years of hands-on experience, specifically designed software, and proven admission & funding strategies to help make the student's entire college experience much more rewarding and often-times easier on the budget.  Please note that our software programs have been developed by CFS over the years and are not available to the general public.

College Funding Solutions has also developed and employs many funding strategies that will, in many cases, increase the amount and type of funding a student is eligible to receive.

Partnership with American College Foundation

In addition, CFS is the exclusive partner of the American College Foundation (ACF).  As a result, the ACF has asked College Funding Solutions to help with the evaluation process of their scholarship program by conducting qualification interviews with their applicants.

The purpose of the Student Qualification Interview is to determine the student’s commitment level as it pertains to furthering their education past high school.  As funding is limited, the qualification interview serves as a significant step in the overall Visionary Scholarship application process. 

We take this task seriously and endeavor to help as many students as we can get the most out of their college education, whether they win the scholarship or not.

Students Should Participate

We look forward to helping these high school students as they plan and prepare for the transition process to the institute of higher learning of their choice.  We don’t want any of the families that we work with to feel like they have to settle on a college or university, especially because of funding issues.  Moreover, we’ve seen that “lack of funding” issues are often a result of lack of preparation.

Planning for the academic and career success for your children should not be taken lightly, and experience tells us that the more parents and students plan, the better the outcome.

As important as it is to reduce your out-of-pocket costs for college, we at AIM, along with our partners at CFS, understand that there is much more to college planning than that.  It is also about finding the best fit for the student.  Our E-College Pro program has helped several thousand students do just that.

When do we start?

Students are competing for admission spots and funding dollars as early as the 9th and 10th grade.  Give yourself an advantage by starting early ... the earlier, the better!

We encourage families with even younger children to begin planning for college (at least the saving and investing piece) as soon as possible.  We know that they all grow up too soon.  So if you have younger children, please call (or email) our office to meet with us to discuss ways to invest in your children’s future. 

Most of my current clients are families that have students in high school or college.  They have seen the need of planning for college and the value in partnering with a dedicated professional to help them with the process.

Consequently, I’m all in for College Planning!  Of course, we will still work with individuals and couples that are in need of a retirement plan.

Our primary goal is to help families spend significantly less money for their children’s education to actually have a decent nest-egg for their own retirement.  As the old saying goes:  “A penny saved, is a penny earned.”

Please call or email us so we can set up a complementary consultation.

If your child is already in high school, we will conduct a qualification interview to see if he or she is eligible for our E-College Pro program.

If your child is not yet in high school, our initial consult will be the Target Acquisition Planning Session (TAPS) to discuss your goals for the future academic and career success of your child, as well as your own financial objectives.

When you come in to discuss your child’s post-secondary education aspirations, be sure to ask about AIM’s L.A.S.E.R. and R.E.A.C.H. programs.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!